Week 1 & 2 CDA Marathon Training

Running: I slacked a little these past two weeks. We had a very windy, rainy storm which caused flooding and limbs to fall. I decided not to run one day in the dark for that reason. The following Monday, I missed the run because of lack of sleep. They both kinda feel like excuses, but I am ok with it. If I am so rigid in my running plan, then I will feel like I have failed if I miss something. Instead, I choose to be flexible. Then, we had snow! I did get out and run in the snow, but it was a much shorter run than planned. My two long runs were successful. Week 1: 8.31; Week 2: 10.03. Rocky joined me for the snow run! He is back on the mend after we have finally figured out that he has low thyroid. I hope to get him back to long distance running.

Found a new bridge in town!!

Walking: I went on a bunch of walks! I am really a big chicken and am afraid of the dark and of other dogs. That keeps me from going on walks with my dogs during the winter because it is always dark before and after work. Well, I have taken my pups on 7 walks these past 2 weeks. 6 of them in the dark!

Looks like I need to get out of the road! I see headlights coming!

Classes: I teach 4 group fitness classes each week, so 8 total these past two weeks.

I did not do the strength circuits in my training plan, but my classes have a lot of strength in them, especially the WARRIOR Rhythm, WARRIOR Strength, INSANITY, TurboKick and PiYo classes. Well, that’s actually all the classes. They all have strength in them. So many squats, lunges, incorporating weights, core… I think it pretty much covers what I need. (Yes, that is actually 5 classes. I am adding a class on Sunday mornings.)

Zooming from the garage in my super hi-tech studio. πŸ™‚

Biking: I rode my bike once. I want to make this a regular thing on Sundays. It uses a different part of the quads than running. I think it will help with injury prevention, strengthening leg muscles and glutes, while being a no-impact activity.

Yays: I am single parenting (hubby out of town), work full time, full time college student, group fitness instructor. I am proud to even fit in running. I have been eating really well and have dropped 14 pounds in January!! The first 5 pounds came off very quickly. I think they were mostly made up of Christmas sugar cookies and Almond Roca. I have only had 2 cookies the whole month of January. One was from Safeway and was ok. The other was a homemade oatmeal with butterscotch chips from Courtney. Delicious and so worth it!!

Mehs: I skipped a run Monday for more sleep. I didn’t do runner strength circuits. I did think about doing it once though. πŸ˜‰

28 degrees! Brrr!
Heading out for a run at 27 degrees.

What Do You Wear to Run in the Winter?

I see this question asked in running groups all the time! It depends on your conditions. Here in western Oregon, we get rain! Overnight temps usually range between high 20s to low 40s.

Dressing in layers is my #1 piece of advice. I am wearing a long sleeve shirt with thumbholes, a lined long sleeve 1/4 zip pullover with thumbholes, and Columbia windbreaker. As I need to shed a layer, I tie it around my waist.

I like the runner fanny packs to hold my phone, pepper spray, and inhaler. It can also hold Gu’s or other food I might have. My jacket has pockets that can carry stuff too, but if it is tied around my waist, the pocket with stuff bangs against my thigh and is annoying. For under 40 degrees, I wear a stocking hat. I like this one because it is loose and long and covers my neck. My husband bought it at the saw shop and I’ve claimed it.

I also wear gloves. These ones are Nikes meant for running. They are very thin and don’t last very long. The seams rip out, so this is my second pair. I bought them again because a) I found them on clearance at the outlet store and b) they are just the right warmth for me. The thumbholes in my shirt add extra warmth if it is colder out.

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