Marathon Training Begins!

Finished 8 miles and a mile walk with the dogs
Today is day 1 of marathon training for my 4th marathon!  I picked Coeur d’Alene again for a couple reasons. First, I have family there that I will get to visit. Also, because I know the race will actually take place! Races are still being canceled due to COVID. It is crushing to have the race you’ve been training for canceled or converted to virtual.  Last year I was about halfway through the 18 week training when the race was postponed with no date in sight. Thankfully, they did reschedule it for August, but I had given up on training and had less time to prepare when the new date was announced.
As far as going virtual, I am not interested in running 26.2 miles alone. Don’t get me wrong, I have run plenty of virtual races since everything shut down nearly one year ago. But I’d like to avoid running a virtual marathon. They held the race last year with staggered starts. It was well planned and safe. This year’s race will be similar except that they will hold it over one day. Last year, it was spaced out over 3 days.  They had a start and finish line and an announcer calling out each finisher as they finished the race.  There are a couple other races I’ve considered but I have zero confidence that they will happen. However, Newport is the following weekend, so it is my back up plan.

Training plan week 1:
*2 weekday 4-6 mile runs
*2 days strength circuits
*Long weekend run
*Cross training cardio classes Tues,  Wed, & Thur         

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